Andromeda Star Group: The Emmanuels and the Lotus Starship Vehicle
Antares Star Group: Intergalactic Knowledge, Space Technology
Alpha Centauri Star Group: Planetary Morphogenetic Crystalline Matrix
Sirius Star Group: Akashic Records, Blue Lodge Mastery
Pleiades Star Group: Alcyone Database Memory Up-loads / Downloads

Most Important Initiations

Orisha Spirit of Birth, with the ‘Babalao’ priest Madeley from the African ‘Yoruba’ Religion, Santiago (Cuba), 1999.
Priestess of Light, Keeper of Ancestral Wisdom with Carlos Castaneda’s group (Don Juan, The Red Road) and ‘Nagual’ leader Roberto, NYC (USA), 2004.
Daughter of Aluna, Daughter of the Great Mother, with the Kogui Indians, Santa Marta (Colombia.), 2005.
Jaguar, Guardian of the Crystal City with Juanito, Taita of Putumayo in ‘Yaje’ Ceremony, Sierra Nevada (Col.), 2005.
Sangre Real, The Awakening of the Sacred Womb in sacred ceremony with Taitas of Putumayo, Medillin (Col.), 2006.
Astral Traveling with the ‘Nagual’ leader Roberto, in NYC (USA), 2007.
Daughter of Kaku Serankua – The Heart of the World with the Arahuac Indians, Sierra Nevada (Colombia), 2007.
Ancient Knowledge of the Goddess with the Wiccan Priestess Francesca de Gradis, San Francisco (USA), 2007.
Guardian of the Laws of Nature with the Kogui and Arahuac Indians, Sierra Nevada (Colombia), 2008.
Crystal Language with the wizard Bala, NYC (USA) and Jaime, Paris (Europe), 2009.
Medicine Woman with the ‘Nagual’ Ge in sacred feminine seven-days-retreat-ceremonies with ‘Wuachuma’ at the Chakana temple, and the temple of the Moon, Saqschawuaman (Peru), 2011.
The Awakening of the White Buffalo, with the Hopi Indians, Sedona (Arizona), 2012.
Kondur, Guardian of Hanaq Pacha, the realms of the Spirit, with the Q’ueros indians, Saqschawuaman (Peru) 2013.
Munay-ki Rites with Q’uero Eduardo Chura Apaza, Vienna (Austria), 2016.