Inspiration is the moment of union with the spirit, and its expression through creativity.

In 2005, visiting for the first time the indigenous tribes of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia, I was very impressed from their inspiration, presented in their handcrafts. Living with them daily, I was allowed to participate in their circles and listen to their cosmos-vision. Most of all, I was able to re-activate my own creative powers connecting myself deeper with nature and my own feminine essence, adopted by the indigenous women that taught me to interact with the nature. I was reborn into a new being.

Since that time, I have acknowledged, that the colours and symbols have tremendous healing powers, and I saw them as a unique transcendental experience. Inspired from my new artworks, I was happy to create art and transmit its power artistically, with my project Codesigns, that it was my tool to assist to the shift of human consciousness and genetic blueprint collectively. There are still some unique pieces left for sale!

wall painting 4 net 2.jpeg


lotos flower

mural of crystals web

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