Being a keeper of records of knowledge of the great Solar civilisation of LeMu, also of light Atlantis, and recovering memory of what it has happened during the last 15.000 years, after the second period of a high intelligent race that have reached an end because of manipulation and power, I am very sceptical about what I see in the present moment.

Decades before, we have been silently guiding and providing information and publications from our hyperspace sources, regarding galactic wars and extraterrestrial life, genetic engineer-programming and recoding of DNA to the human race.

During the years, due to the shift of the energy on the planet which has brought further awakening to certain individuals, the number of published footage in social networks and in mass media, it has reached a very high number, but, it hasn’t really achieved the goal – as the most of them have only focused showing who is manipulating whom.

Human consciousness has started to question itself, but after the fake events of 2012, such videos have caused more damage than a positive reaction. Most of the people have seen them as conspiracy theories and became very sceptical, while others have blocked completed – or still blocking – as soon as they confront with such information.

If the evidence of extraterrestrial life on the planet – and in outer space – is true or not, it is in the good will of each one to find out. How can I believe, if I don’t search for the truth deeper?

How individual actions can lead to conscious awakening, or even to recoding of DNA in the blueprint of humanity, if solar codes can not give access to a higher intelligence via the Akashic records database of the Central Sun stations of our solar civilisations where we come from?

Projecting terror and spreading fear, dividing the good guys from the bad guys, we achieve nothing more than separation, and I guess this is not the purpose.

Lately, I hear people complaining that all social media are full with photographic material and film footage that repeats one the other, competing one an other, without offering anything at all. Focusing on the problems and not on the solutions, we are trapped and make circles. We need action.

How many of us, that publish such material evidences has ever taken active actions to bring forth chance?

During the years of human evolution, great individuals have tried to offer innovative and advanced technologies which have been neglected, hidden and destroyed or taken and used for military strategies, conspiracy and further manipulation of the human race.

Don’t we think, it is time to do something about it, if we really care about or future?

Many years ago, when I first heard from VENUS PROJECT and Jaque Fresco’s vision to provide a new economic system where humanity could live in union with technology and nature, I was very excited. His futurist designs were not unknown to me, as genius minds, like Tesla have often developed new age architecture and technology in the past. But, I think, he has clever enough to put the whole concept together and bring it forward, as anyone has ever been able to do, in our days.

In 2015, returning back to the technocratic – after 12 years of direct evolving with the mothership nature – I am not sure if VENUS PROJECT can really be the solution of our current issues. Even if its main concept is based on the higher civilisation of Atlantis, there are still questions to be answered.

Have we, as intelligent species really learned from the disasters we have caused in the past? Have we control now of the superpowers of the universe, that we are dealing with?

This idea concerns me deeply, as far as I am not sure, if humanity, as collective consciousness is healed from the genetic engineering of past and present lives.

I can not really see yet, how Fresco’s vision could offer a free economy and living space to all, when population is about to reach 9 billion on the planet. How this will happen?

How new technology and architecture will come in, if the old will not be first destroyed?

How humanity will do this quantum shift, if science has not yet embraced the solutions that need to be taken with a healthy common heart and mind?

There are many technical solutions, yes. But, who is going to stop the billions of billions of money that are wasting for space technology and nano technology, for military forces, in projects like CERN, or others similar to KOLA borehole nowadays?

VENUS PROJECT is a genius idea, and all of us gathered on this planet, will be happy to see it flourish. Because we came only with one intention; to assist to the evolutionary process that it takes place in this solar system and in our galaxy; to bring harmony and create the best opportunities of all to co-exist in peace, united with the cosmic laws.

Entering this space time from Alpha Centauri via solar paths of Venus, Sirius and Andromeda, I have gone through a lot, known or unknown to human nature. I am glad that the implants are falling apart and I am still alive and can look the present future with optimism, despite of all.

Even though, aknowledging the advance technology of our Central Sun stations – and this word is very tricky, as only very few know what I really mean – I am very sceptical.

How are we going to relate with cybernetics for a better future this time?

Will cyberpunk lead humans to evolution or to a further domination as reflected in Blade Runner film?

Who knowns, maybe one day you understand what I am trying to tell you. Maybe you have the consciousness to see beyond time and space and laugh about all this, standing in front of the holographic computers, located inside the inner earth and in our solar systems, which are monitoring, recording and saving every single breath we take on this planet.

Then, I am truly asking you, how machines will be able to recover Akashic memory and open us doorways to travel back to the void, to our true origins, if not we learn to teleportate ourselves with the speed of light?


Wiwa Tribe

Tribes - Wiwa17

Descendants of the Tayrona people, the Wiwa, also known as Arsarios or Malayo, are one of the four indigenous tribes that live native in the mountains of Sierra Nevada in Colombia. Most of their territories have been taken away from the ‘guerilleros’ FARC, and their land has been bought with the gold that was found from expeditions.

Owing anything else than few fields, which men have received from their women after their marriage, they feed their families cultivating yucca, corn and bananas.

Even they live in a natural environment, due to the territorial conflict and the lack of food supplies, the Wiwa have been forced to use foreign products, like industrial rise, salt, oil and alcohol. These changes brought along with them consequences, such as diseases.

Foreign animals, that have been brought to their land, they have polluted their rivers; also chemicals, that they used to wash their clothes and their pots, as their invaders did. Only few communities had access to ceramic pots and pure water for cooking in the higher mountains.

Life at the small community in El Canto village is not anymore so joyful, as the mind of the Wiwa adults have been corrupted. Young, but wise, children feel worry about their future, as their community changes, day by day by the greediness of the local agriculture.

Obligated to go to school, where they focus on Spanish and English teachings, their Wiwa tradition has slowly deteriorated from the daily influences, and television became their new environment and entertainment, at the local storehouse.

The elder Mamos are frightened, but they keep an eye on the young boys connecting them to their ancestral wisdom through the ritual of the Coca leaves. Once a month, they are allowed to enter the ‘Casa Maria’, their ceremony house, and do a ritual where they sing and have visions. At the age of thirteen, they are wise enough and ready to decide to create their own families. Due to sacred ceremonies, they get initiated from the Mamo elder men and women into sacred sexuality.

Women are very quiet, and most of the time occupied at the fields and in the creation of the mochila bags for their husbands and sons. Their daughters take care of their babies and all, even the youngest ones assist to daily household; this is how they learn. Once a month, by their menstruation, women also gather in ‘Casa Maria’ to share their Cosmo-visions or to talk about intimate family issues.

The intention to help the tribe to publish a book with their own Wiwa language twelve years ago, it has failed due to the assassination of their leader; he concerned for the future of his people:

Nowadays, our culture is loosing ground from its roots for lot of reasons. If we are not going to be able to maintain our Cosmo-vision alive, all the knowledge related to nature and the universal law of creation, which it has been decoded in our language, nothing is going to be left in the memory of the coming generation. And, if something like that is going to happen, a very important part of our wisdom and tradition is going to disappear forever.”, Ramon Hill, Mamo elder of Wiwa.

Today, the Wiwa tribe is being protected by the international organization of UNESCO and the Commission of Human Rights, UNO.

All photographs has been taken by a Colombian activist, named Santiago that fought against the fumigation of the coca plantations in Sierra Nevada, Colombia 2004-5. His film footage has been exposed to UNESCO for the protection of the human rights. In 2005, in our common trip to El Canto village, Santiago trusted his photographic material to me. Some months later, Colombia’s DAS Inteligence Agengy has kidnapped him. Since then none has ever heard of him; rumors have been spread about Santiago’s assassination!
Santiago, Buritaca
Santiago, Buritaca Village / Sierra Nevada, Colombia 2005

M o t h e r s h i p   g o d d e s s   n a t u r e

The ET plant medicine bio-computer of the Embodied Mind of the Goddess, is Ab.SOL.Uterus PSYCHEdelic  (Soul Revealing in Greek). ET is known as Extra Temporal or Extra Terrestrial; in the new Galactic Consciousness of Christ, ET goes beyond T.ime & Space into the in.PHI.nite Liquid Light, that „all is eternal telepathy; electro-trance, electricity transmit.“

The Garden ‚Nature‘ is a magical living Being. It gives life, it takes life. It circulates in 8HZ beat per second between mortality & immortality. In the garden, no.THING is labeled with good or bad. ALL is G8D.dess. All is functioning a DV9 pur(e)pose, like everything in Cosmos. If we are aware of it, we are aware of all HER goods & we are allowed to taste all HER PSYCHE-DELICS – we have access to HER Garden which means we are in intimate Relationship with HER Divine laws.

Shamans are the only ones in constantly love-affair with ‚Nature‘. This is the reason why S.HE reveals HER secrets to them; they use HER power in Ab.SOL.Uterus respect & Crystal consciousness for an “All is G8D.dess Alchemy”.

I have been sitting hours by rivers, lakes, and high mountains listening the wind, the water, the fire and the heartbeat of mother Earth. I have been allowing myself to feel deep and participate to the sacred whispering of prayers and songs of reunion with the spirit of Nature itself. I am glad, I have been cold, thirsty or even asleep for hours or days. I have listen the void and I know that exists.

Munay Ki, Asaya

Ala Asaya Iquasu web

Asaya, Quantum Activations, Iguasu Waterfalls / Brasil 2006
Photo: Asaya, Quantum Activations, Cayambe Mountain / Ecuador, 2007