The physical body is an interconnected living organism; a hyperspace of light energy that nurture itself and all its multi-dimensional subtle bodies. It is a vibrational language, decoded in form of inspiration and creativity.

An idea born from the intention to create an interactive space, like a wheel of medicine that can offer diverse and selected practices that can transform consciousness, align and help the participants, from children to adults, to increase self-esteem, self-confidence and spiritual growth; and provide a unique trascendental experience.

Workshops in 2016-17

Prana Yoga Studio


Ancient and modern techniques and methods of authentic spirituality (micro and macro-holistic) aligned with conscious breathing, mental training and body moves will merge the four elements and awaken the fifth, the eternal origins, a permanent state of peace, bliss and love. A quest for potential (ad infinitum) that inspires self-discovery, encourages self-development, radiation and transformation through individual and collective interaction.

Art Therapy

Art is inspiration and can lead to self-exploration. Painting workshops with a variety of tools, such as wooden sticks, stones or paper, for adults or kids, can assist to develop personal skills and creativity. Colors trigger emotions and therefore have a therapeutic effectiveness on body, mind and spirit; they assist to foster self-awareness, manage behavior and addictions, improve reality orientation. Art therapy can raise the quality of life and give a sense of personal well being.


Lea painting.jpg