The physical body is an interconnected living organism; a hyperspace of light energy that nurture itself and all its multi-dimensional subtle bodies. It is a vibrational language, decoded in form of inspiration and creativity.

My workshops offer a set up of diverse and selected practices, such as Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga and Creative Artwork, that keep all senses aligned, vital and rejuvenated. They can be daily, or once a week and can help the participants, from children to adults, to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes; also they increase self-esteem and self-confidence and provide a unique trascendental experience.


Enlightened masters have proven since thousands of years, that the manner by which one breaths, determined the length and quality of life, a view based on the observation of the rhythms of nature. It was thought that all living things possessed a certain number of breaths and the idea developed that slow, rhythmic breathing, by keeping the body well supplied with oxygen, contributed to a longer and more harmonious life. 

Due to the stress of planetary conditions for many people, the flow of prana life force, has been disrupted, resulting in conditions such as fear, worry, depression, doubt, and many other negative emotions that often lead to physical illness. When we breath deeply and easily, inhaling the pure energies of the cosmic light of the sun and exhaling all that is yet to be redeemed on the out breath, life begins to flow without struggle, as we experience inner peace and divine union of Oneness.

Body Move

In all cultures, it is known that „the body is the temple of the spirit“. If energy of prana is not circulating in the blood, no oxygen reaches the brain and so we feel tired and out of balance. Body Move is not just a yoga class; it is all about revitalizing and strengthening the body with different practices, such as Qigong, Thai-Chi, Kundalini and Hatha yoga or free move. Also breathing excercises and toning assist you clear your thoughts by relaxing the central nervous system and expand your consciousness.

Art Therapy

Art is inspiration and can lead to self-exploration. Painting workshops with a variety of tools, such as wooden sticks, stones or paper, for adults or kids, can assist to develop personal skills and creativity. Colors trigger emotions and therefore have a therapeutic effectiveness on body, mind and spirit. They can assist the participants to foster self-awareness, manage behavior and addictions, improve reality orientation. Art therapy can raise the quality of life and give a sense of personal well being.


Workshops in 2017


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